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Plot Summary

In the first book of the Dragon Keepers series, Merlin turns 13 years old and becomes an official dragon keeper. He, along with a small band of others including Elfins, lives in Dragon Valley where dragons are born and raised in safety. An evil witch by the name of Lady Oer is determined to find the Dragon Valley so she can kill the mightiest of all dragons, Merlineld, and become the most power person in the world. Lady Oer incorporates the help of some evil creatures that she creates using a secret formula she had devised. She eventually makes it to Dragon Valley and kills Merlineld but the outcome of her quest is not what she expected.


Book 2: Demise of Dragons' Gate, has Merlin entering the Draconic Tome where he travels to the world where dragons come from. He meets the Dragon Lord and a dragon maiden by the name of Aeem. While on the world of the Dragon Lord, Merlin learns some things about dragons and why they roam the universe. When Merlin returns to Earth, he is faced with having to destroy dragons gate which means dragons can not travel freely between earth and their own world.



Book 3: The Last Unicorn, Merlin comes in contact with the last unicorn on Earth. Merlin must travel to the world where Unicorns come from and find the delavae plant so he can save the last unicorn. While Merlin is far off in the galaxy on the world of unicorns, an evil pirate, Blackbeard, is plotting to go to the cove where the dragon keepers are an capture the young dragons so he can use them to terrorize towns and cities and rob people.



Book 4: Magus has Merlin the the far east. He is gaining wisdom from an old Chinese magician and a Chinese dragon. He learns how to use the sword, Excalibur, and how to fight in hand to hand combat. Merlin goal is to return to his home and free the dragons that were captured by Blackbeard. In order to have to the power to overcome the evil that Merlin will be faced with both now and in the future, Merlin must learn to become a Magi (the most powerful of Magicians).

Characters in Dragon Keepers Book I
  • Merlin - based on Merlin the Magician in mythology

  • Aeem - a dragon maiden - becomes Merlin's love

  • Merlineld - The most powerful dragon to live on earth

  • Dracon - Merlineld's son

  • Lady Oer - an evil witch once part of the Royal Family

  • Redwyn - Lady Oer's assistant

  • Meldon - one of the elfins that lives in Dragon Valley

  • Dolly - the cook at the Inn

  • Myrd - Merlin's father

  • Anabe - Merlin's mom

  • Tom - young boy living in town

  • Paradream - a Pegasus



  • 2005, Dragon Keepers Honor of the Tome, Sagabooks
  • 2007, Dragon Keepers Demise of Dragons Gate, Sagabooks
  • 2009, Dragon Keepers The Last Unicorn, Sagabooks
  • 2012 Dragon Keepers MAGUS, Sagabooks


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